Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feels like this album never even came out...

Did ANYBODY buy or even know about this project? It came out last year around May. "Selective Hearing Part 2." This is an album I did with LMNO (longbeach Cali wuddup!)
Originally This project was supposed to be called "James/Brown". You see... LMNO's 1st name is JAMES. My last is BROWN. The whole "concept" was us rockin out over all James Brown samples. At 1st the label was down with the whole title("JAMES/BROWN) and everything. Then around when we were wrappin up the album the flake out occurred. I guess it was a sample clearance issue or whatever. So the title got "changed" to "Selective Hearing part 2". Now in my opinion this album is CLASSIC. Alot of work went into this collection of music. Shout out 2 DeeJay LD (technicali sound).
We recorded the whole album over his spot. He Mixed the whole album and did all the SCRATCHES!!!! He even let me use his mpc2500 when my 2000xl was actin up. (I used the 2500 for two beats on that project.(Thanks bro! This dudes whole family is good peoples...shout out to marvin!) Also thanks to LMNO and his family for letting me stay over and all the hospitality that every1 showed me. Shout out to LRG too for the clothing hook up! Shout out to Creative Recs for the footwear also!

This is a drastic difference from the 1st "Selective Hearing" where we just sent trax back n forth over email...I flew out 2 cali for these sessions and we actually worked on joints on the spot at the studio. I mean beats from scratch...rhymes from scratch...scratches from scratch. EVERYthing. It just really hurts as an "artist" to put all you have into a project for it to flop. Yeah. I said it. !!FLOP!! Never got an advance or any type of payment for this album after almost a year since it came out. Wich means nobody bought that joint(either bcuz they thought it was wack) or they just didnt know it was out due to poor marketing. We did probably over a month long tour for this album also...(west to mid west tour. I lost my mpc on the road and everything.)And rite after the states straight to Europe for another few weeks. Man... that was a long tour for me.

This album is pretty special to me but i guess from the response that nobody's really feelin this joint or they just dont know about it. (even tho this project got sum of the best reviews I have seen) Then on top of that even if you do hear the album alot of people dont get the "concept" bcuz the title got changed. The label put out a limited vinyl single and a video. Apparently that was NOT enuff. I dont plan on doin ANYTHING EVER with that label again. Ive been let down too many times.

Been thinkin about posting sumthin about this project for a while...Feel like it never took off like I hoped it would.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The Alexander Green Project is out now! This week Kaimbr (emcee of the group), Kev Brown (producer of the album), and Hot 97′s own Peter Rosenberg (label owner the album is released on) sit down with the Subsoniq Crew to talk shop. Find out an in-depth history of the legendary Low Budget Crew (if you don’t know who they are by now, you will after hearing this). Also find out what was the inspiration was behind the Al Green sampled project, why Busta Rhymes puts Kev Brown in the same pocket as Pete Rock, Dilla, and Large Pro and who’s stealing who’s beats? All that and much more on this week’s newest Subsoniq!


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