Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KEV BROWN COMMENTARY *** VOLUMES 1 & 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

volume 1 from 2005.....................volume 2 from 2007

*Kev Brown plays some of your favorites straight out of the akai MPC2000xl(nerd rap) and gives a little "behind the scenes" story of how the classic songs that you've loved over the years came to be!*


...even more...


Anonymous said...

Kev!!!!! You're killin us!!! lol
Are you ever going to release some of the instrumentals like 3 sides and the Brown Album beats... Youre fans have been dying for those.
Just a question thats all

Nino Rapper said...

Rapper'm Nino and I live in Sao Paulo Brazil
I'm very fan of Kev Brown and we are immensely happy at all when he was here last Friday.
I hope we have another opportunity.
Me and my friend managed to take a photo producer
Maybe in the future I can record a rap produced by him, that would be a dream.
In Brazil Kev is a reference to the faint sounds der well prepared.

Rapper Nino.

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