Monday, January 3, 2011

THE BROWN ALBUM IS BACK! ...bandcamp kragenoff

Alot of folks have been asking where can they find this project at...This joint came out in 2003 so im thinking alot of my newer fans may not know about it. I decided to put it on the bandcamp website. Never used bandcamp really(Oddisee uses it alot) so this is my 1st go at it.


Songs featuring, written and/or produced by Oddisee in the year 2010


monroe said...

dope! glad to see you finally getting in on it.

joe edwards said...

I'm finally hearing this Brown Album. Blown away, man. As if Black Album could get any better...glad to have bought it.

By the way, I sax/ewi with Ndelible. We're supposed to be releasing a mixtape covering some of your tunes within the year. With material like this, I'm looking forwawrd to it!

If you get a second, check out the first mixtape of the series, Mammoth. It's available for free stream/download at

- joe edwards

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