Sunday, January 30, 2011


(((Classic Joints)))
*For The First Time* A collection of OFFICIALLY released(YOU SEE THE STICKER!!!) Kev Brown instrumentals. Perfect for DeeJays, the Rappity Rap open mic freestyle dudes(ets) and just plain listeners who enjoy fine music everywhere.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gangstarr Bigs Up Kev Brown & Cy Young (circa 02)

...Been finding alot of gems goin thru spindles of old cds, stax of mini disks/cassette tapes lately. This is a clip from XM radio back like 8-9 YEARS AGO! Shout out to SUBSONIQ (Shout outs to K-Murdock and KB for holdin us down for years!!) This is part of a GANGSTARR interview that was poppin when they came to DC back then... Crazy how they just mentioned some of my joints randomly as an example of what dope hiphop is. It was meant to happen sun! GURU R.i.P. God
bless Premo.

GANGSTARR(Premo & Guru) shout out Kev Brown & Cy Young by kev brown

1 of the songs they mention is "Da Rebirth"(feat. Cy Young) off of DJ Jazzy Jeff "The Magnificent EP"

The 2nd song is "Scram"(feat. Freddie Foxxx) from the DJ Jazzy Jeff "The Magnificent LP"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kev Brown Show Rehearsal with Peter "PmD" Rosenberg

Alot of people probably don't know that Peter Rosenberg(Lowbudget!) was my D.J. backntheday... This is a recording of me n' Pete practicing in his basement back in 2003 I think.(?) (Chevy Chase MD Wuddup!) Peter and myself go back further than that tho. We met back when he used to host a show up at University of Maryland(College Park MD Wuddup!) called "From Dusk Till Dawn"...this could be a longer story because I met alooooooot of folks that I still know to this day from goin up the that radio station on Friday evenings...

Anyway in this recording were practicin for a show in Toronto Canada. Pete's stage name used to be PMD (PETERfromMaryland). We did a good amount of shows come to think of it, along with members of the crew sumtimes. This is before "I Do What I Do" was even being recorded. The "Brown Album" must have recently came out since we did that acapella/beat match routine..."The Wood Joint" has never really officially been put out but I was still rockin it in my sets tho.(shout out to Ken Wood on the beat!) Since Ive been reachin back in the vault lately I figured I'd throw this out officially...Pete gettin busy on the the cuts all the way thru this joint...haha. Me rappity rappin. Doin Graps verse AND my verse on sum Black Thought ish..."tv tracks" with the adlibs in em...lunchin.

Rosenberg(PMD) with the fresh Kev Brown "T" at a show in Cali...reppin hawd!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Maaaaaaaaaaaaan... Where do I start with this 1? This is 1 of a couple projects i put 2gether a long time ago. Probably about a good 10-11 YEARS AGO. This was back when I wanted 2 be am EMCEE when I grew up(as you can hear from the rappity rap kragenoff. I considered myself an MC back then. The beats were kinda secondary. I would put these kind of projects together and go around to open mics to perform and try to sell a few cd's. Specifically THE REVOLUTIONARY CAFE!!!!!!!(brrrrrrrrap!!!!) Central Avenue, Capitol Heights MD Wuddup!!!!! PG County!!!! Shout out to my Manz Bruce Odams for throwin those open mics back then. I remember right after the open mic cleared out they would have the exotic dancers KRAGENOFF! (hood ish.)

I met alot of artists that would eventually become the LOWBUDGET CREW at that open mic. (theres a skit with me talkin to Cy Young briefly...) I actually went up to the open mic with my mini disk recorder 1 nite ...thats where those live pieces in between a few songs come from. Its a couple cats in my own crew that have never heard these joints. I kinda cringe when I hear sum of my old stuff. I sound young as a mug on a few of these...haha. This was when I had an Akai S20 sampler, a Yamaha 4track digital recorder, a hand held mic I had bought from BEST BUY, a lil rack mount effects processor, a philips cd burner, a gemini(belt drive) turntable and sum house speakers. (once I got sum type of "real" recording equipment it was a wrap!!) You cant understand how HYPE I was once I got this equipment!!!!(shout out to MUSICIANS FRIEND CATALOG!) Big ups to EARLY REED too!!

Its crazy to hear how I was structuring songs and stringing them together in the form of an actual album. I was on it back then sun!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KEV BROWN COMMENTARY *** VOLUMES 1 & 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

volume 1 from 2005.....................volume 2 from 2007

*Kev Brown plays some of your favorites straight out of the akai MPC2000xl(nerd rap) and gives a little "behind the scenes" story of how the classic songs that you've loved over the years came to be!*


...even more...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

THE BROWN ALBUM IS BACK! ...bandcamp kragenoff

Alot of folks have been asking where can they find this project at...This joint came out in 2003 so im thinking alot of my newer fans may not know about it. I decided to put it on the bandcamp website. Never used bandcamp really(Oddisee uses it alot) so this is my 1st go at it.


Songs featuring, written and/or produced by Oddisee in the year 2010

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