Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We stay blessin' y'all with these classic joints...

"FROSTY" Prod. By @kaimbr ...

vid done by @roddyrod


"The Earn" coming soon.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Crack Off for the Kragenoff...

SOUTH AFRICA Kragenoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Roddy Rod and myself comin to see yall soon.





Monday, November 14, 2011

So Grap Luva Came Thru The Other Day...

...with the ill Heavy D and The Boyz "Big Tyme" tour jacket... For those that dont know Graps (along with his big bro Pete Rock) cousin is HEAVY D. Mt. Vernon NY Stand up.

So anyway... Grap comes thru. We kickin it...playin joints n whatnot. Grap has some of the dopest stories ever about backnthe day when ish was just poppin around his way. (for instance the 1st time he saw sum1 officially smoke a blunt was when Hev took grap w/em over SLICK RICK's spot) so many memories of his fam he brought up....crazy.

When he came thru I had just finished touchin up a Marvin Gaye joint that I was tinkerin with the night b4. After the Kozby got kracked off (and a few sips of brew) Grap just wanted to lay sumthin down for HEV... NO way imma say no to that.
After i did a lil ruff mix he asked me..."You gonna put that up on "twitter"?" (meaning=you gonna put that up online?) I was like "Yeah. I can put it up if youre cool with it." yeah Grap just lettin his cuz( & every1 else) know how he feels...

Heavy D "Dont Curse" (peep Grap at 2:02) right b4 CL's verse)

Friday, August 12, 2011

alot o stuff...

Inspired by the Karate Kid Scores.
Artist/Producer Kaimbr aka Al Green chops up samples
from the original Karate Kid Soundtrack flipped into Hip Hop Beats. A Must Listen!


Baltimore Kragenoff...


"WATCH" this...


Hec Dolo!



J Rawls/Casual joint


Hassaan Mackey ft. Sean Born

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

...A Couple New Joints...

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown

Back with that grit, tell the soundman to turn this sh*t up. New York MC Hassaan Mackey(LowBudget!) slangs words and onomatopoeia, rhymes like he wants to, and backs the whole room into a corner with a raw vision of the streets that pierces ordinary experience and gets at life’s marrow. Meanwhile Detroit producer Apollo Brown lays the sonic foundation with hard drums and big bass, while the crackle of vinyl hums. Gritty and soaked in soul, Daily Bread brings to mind an old photograph that bangs out the system. Each track is heavy with a sense of atonement, haunted by experience, and energized by a cathartic sense of hope. Give us our Daily Bread and forgive us our trespasses.

Gods’Illa – CPR: The Blend Tape (Hosted By DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu)

What started as a conversation and CD exchange at last year’s A3C Festival in Atlanta culminates in us presenting Gods’Illa’s CPR: The Blend Tape today. In a time where groups aren’t as prevalent, the three siblings from D.C. band together to create music whose strong suits are consistency and substance and their work is best epitomized in the opening lines from “Sal’s Pizzeria”: “This ain’t your everyday regular rap sh*t, This that revolutionary, swing with a black fist.”

The Blend Tape features guest appearances from Maimouna Youseff, RatheMC, XO and yU of Diamond District, KingPen Slim and many others. And we’re proud to present this one alongside Up And Up Music & The Core DJs and host DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, better known as the legendary Erykah Badu.

“East Meets West”
feat. Kev Brown
(prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow)

The second leak from Declaime‘s forthcoming Self Study album,

a raw & to-the-point song entitled, “East Meets West” -
matches Dudley with DMV area & Low Budget Crew representative, Kev Brown
over a spacey, hard-hitting creeper of a beat
from Ms.One herself – Georgia Anne Muldrow.
Succinct & poignant – the track features two verses, no hook -
with both of the MC’s two distinct styles adding the perfect balance to each other.

Packaged along with this new Self Study album,
will be Interplanetary Peace Talks 2012 A.U. -
a full-length documentary on the life of Dudley Perkins -
which features candid footage of Declaime in his earliest stages as an MC,
in the studio w/ Madlib, Lootpack, Oh No, Kan Kick & more,
plus footage of him at home w/ his children
& performing on the road w/ Georgia.
More than ever before, do you get a real glimpse into the man behind the music.

The movie will be available as a DVD accompanying thLinke CD,
but be on the look out for an exclusive online premiere of the documentary
coming on the album’s release date, August 16th.

You can download “East Meets West HERE!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Check out “The Combination,” a posse cut that appears on Kaimbr and Kev Brown's The Alexander Green Project LP.

"The Combination" features almost all of the Low Budget Crew members including Kaimbr, Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, Sean Born, Early Reed, Marshall Law, Quartermaine, Eye-Q, & Hassaan Mackey. If you like what you hear check out the Alexander Green Project, which is available now via Redefinition Records /Real Late music. Also keep a look out for Kenn Starr & Hassaan Mackey who both have projects of their own dropping very soon courtesy of our friends at Mello Music Group.


In addition to The Combination, we are sharing a mini-documentary style video that we shot while Kev and Al (Kaimbr) were in New York a couple weeks ago. They made the trip from Maryland to Brooklyn for the Fat Beats Record Store Day Event and to film the music video for Go Green, so while they were here Damu The Fudgemunk decided to conduct an interview with them about the making of their LP.

The Making of The Alexander Green Project (VIDEO):

Sunday, May 8, 2011

GO GREEN - Kaimbr & Kev Brown - Official Video by Redef Recs, Filmed LIVE @ Fat Beats

Incredible work done by everyone...

John Notarfrancesco : Redef Recs -

Operating a label these days means wearing many different hats and being adaptable. In addition to handling Redefinition Records' shipping, sales, project mgmt, logistics, etc, I occasionally get to do some creative work, for which I am more than appreciative. With that said, I'm proud of this one...

"Go Green" is the latest music video for our project with Kev Brown & Kaimbr's "Alexander Green Project."

The Alexander Green Project is in stores now on green VINYL, CD, DIGITAL & TAPE (yes, tape.)

The Vinyl version includes a bonus 45 featuring a remix by Damu (co-owner of Redef Records).


Vinyl features a bonus 45 with a Damu Remix.

Redef's Blog:
Label Homepage:


Alternate GREEN Version


Congratulations to

Jerome Dickens ( @JeromeDickens ) &

"J" aka J_2koo ( @j_2koo ) .

A green tape is coming your way!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GREEN TAPE CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1 tape will go to a randomly selected winner who posts a comment here about his favorite song from the Alexander Green Project. Lemme know why it's your favorite too, don't just list the title.

A 2nd tape will be awarded to a randomly selected winner who either:
A- posts a comment about the Alexander Green Project on any of the websites that posted anything about the album.
B- posts the megaminimixx and/or any of the other promos (songs, the videos, etc) on ANY forum or message board. If you post on an outside site, email the link to

Winners will be selected/notified on Monday May 6th!



“Army Fatigue Rap” REDEF REMIX
Kaimbr & Kev Brown feat. Roddy Rodd, Hassan Mackey & DJ Marshall Law
Produced by Damu The Fudgemunk
From the bonus 7” included with the LIMITED Edition LP, The Alexander Green Project
(LP&7" on very LIMITED green vinyl, almost sold out already!)

If you haven’t grabbed a copy for yourself, you can still do so here…



Scrunch Face Show. Presented by and Hosted by St/MiC (timeless daimyo music) Dart Adams, Eric C, and Trav ( Bringing you the best in new and often exclusive Hip Hop, instrumentals and beats.


Monday, April 25, 2011

DJ Mekalek “Exclusive Alexander Green Megaminimixx” (Hosted by Peter Rosenberg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DOWNLOAD FREE! Here, here, and here.

Today, we release this incredible promotional DJ Mekalek megaminimixxx. It’s almost 12 minutes of musical excellence hosted by Hot 97 & the "DMV’s" own Peter Rosenberg. Don’t miss the boat on this album as it’s already guaranteed to be one of the year’s best efforts.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Classic Joints

John Notarfrancesco: ReDef Recs -

Kev Brown’s “Classic Joints”
is compilation of selections, fan favorites and unreleased music from the Landover, Maryland Native's VERY NOTABLE body of work.

If you know Kev, you know that he's an extremely talented and humble producer/rapper, as well as a pretty generous dude. He's sharing with us a selection of songs that he has made in the past 10 years including tracks with Busta Rhymes, Grap Luva as well as his Low Budget Crew.

Kev's "Classic Joints" is now available. check it out.

If you like what you hear, look out for more of Kev Brown's work including The Alexander Green Project (Redefinition Records/Real Late Music) which features Kaimbr on the mic and was produced entirely by Kev Brown.

For More Info on Kev Brown:

Thursday, April 14, 2011


"SONGS" <---- (free!!)

Songs appears on The Alexander Green Project by Kaimbr & Kev Brown. Please feel free to share this song as you see fit.

The Alexander Green Project
was produced entirely by Kev Brown. Kev has been talking about making this for YEARS because MC Kaimbr's gov name is actually Al(exander) Green, so at first it was an inside joke of sorts, but thankfully it materialized as an actual LP.

-John Notarfrancesco from REDEF Recordings says...
I'll spare you the typical "label / promo guy" hype this time... I'll just say that I think this is a great song, and that Kaimbr and Kev Brown make for a great combo and that their music is that its something that regular, everyday folk such as ourselves can easily relate to.

As for the beats ... Kev really nailed that classic Rza sound throughout this LP, which is something he intended to accomplish when producing it. There's a reason why guys like Jazzy Jeff, De La Soul and Busta Rhymes call on Kev when they need beats; he simply knows what he's doing.
Kev & Kaimbr will be performing at the Fat Beats in store in Brooklyn this Saturday April 16th. Their set starts at 5pm and we'll be shooting a music video live at the event.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Low Budget Crew Presents "The Masters"

For those that don't know Kaimbr(Al Green) LOVES golf. (He's probably out golfing rite now.) He came up with the idea for this project this past monday nite. 18 tracks for 18 holes of golf. Inspired by "The Masters" ( the "Super Bowl" for golf) as I understand it. Music by Quartermaine, Roddy Rod, Kaimbr, yU and myself. FREE for a very limited time...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feels like this album never even came out...

Did ANYBODY buy or even know about this project? It came out last year around May. "Selective Hearing Part 2." This is an album I did with LMNO (longbeach Cali wuddup!)
Originally This project was supposed to be called "James/Brown". You see... LMNO's 1st name is JAMES. My last is BROWN. The whole "concept" was us rockin out over all James Brown samples. At 1st the label was down with the whole title("JAMES/BROWN) and everything. Then around when we were wrappin up the album the flake out occurred. I guess it was a sample clearance issue or whatever. So the title got "changed" to "Selective Hearing part 2". Now in my opinion this album is CLASSIC. Alot of work went into this collection of music. Shout out 2 DeeJay LD (technicali sound).
We recorded the whole album over his spot. He Mixed the whole album and did all the SCRATCHES!!!! He even let me use his mpc2500 when my 2000xl was actin up. (I used the 2500 for two beats on that project.(Thanks bro! This dudes whole family is good peoples...shout out to marvin!) Also thanks to LMNO and his family for letting me stay over and all the hospitality that every1 showed me. Shout out to LRG too for the clothing hook up! Shout out to Creative Recs for the footwear also!

This is a drastic difference from the 1st "Selective Hearing" where we just sent trax back n forth over email...I flew out 2 cali for these sessions and we actually worked on joints on the spot at the studio. I mean beats from scratch...rhymes from scratch...scratches from scratch. EVERYthing. It just really hurts as an "artist" to put all you have into a project for it to flop. Yeah. I said it. !!FLOP!! Never got an advance or any type of payment for this album after almost a year since it came out. Wich means nobody bought that joint(either bcuz they thought it was wack) or they just didnt know it was out due to poor marketing. We did probably over a month long tour for this album also...(west to mid west tour. I lost my mpc on the road and everything.)And rite after the states straight to Europe for another few weeks. Man... that was a long tour for me.

This album is pretty special to me but i guess from the response that nobody's really feelin this joint or they just dont know about it. (even tho this project got sum of the best reviews I have seen) Then on top of that even if you do hear the album alot of people dont get the "concept" bcuz the title got changed. The label put out a limited vinyl single and a video. Apparently that was NOT enuff. I dont plan on doin ANYTHING EVER with that label again. Ive been let down too many times.

Been thinkin about posting sumthin about this project for a while...Feel like it never took off like I hoped it would.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The Alexander Green Project is out now! This week Kaimbr (emcee of the group), Kev Brown (producer of the album), and Hot 97′s own Peter Rosenberg (label owner the album is released on) sit down with the Subsoniq Crew to talk shop. Find out an in-depth history of the legendary Low Budget Crew (if you don’t know who they are by now, you will after hearing this). Also find out what was the inspiration was behind the Al Green sampled project, why Busta Rhymes puts Kev Brown in the same pocket as Pete Rock, Dilla, and Large Pro and who’s stealing who’s beats? All that and much more on this week’s newest Subsoniq!


Sunday, January 30, 2011


(((Classic Joints)))
*For The First Time* A collection of OFFICIALLY released(YOU SEE THE STICKER!!!) Kev Brown instrumentals. Perfect for DeeJays, the Rappity Rap open mic freestyle dudes(ets) and just plain listeners who enjoy fine music everywhere.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gangstarr Bigs Up Kev Brown & Cy Young (circa 02)

...Been finding alot of gems goin thru spindles of old cds, stax of mini disks/cassette tapes lately. This is a clip from XM radio back like 8-9 YEARS AGO! Shout out to SUBSONIQ (Shout outs to K-Murdock and KB for holdin us down for years!!) This is part of a GANGSTARR interview that was poppin when they came to DC back then... Crazy how they just mentioned some of my joints randomly as an example of what dope hiphop is. It was meant to happen sun! GURU R.i.P. God
bless Premo.

GANGSTARR(Premo & Guru) shout out Kev Brown & Cy Young by kev brown

1 of the songs they mention is "Da Rebirth"(feat. Cy Young) off of DJ Jazzy Jeff "The Magnificent EP"

The 2nd song is "Scram"(feat. Freddie Foxxx) from the DJ Jazzy Jeff "The Magnificent LP"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kev Brown Show Rehearsal with Peter "PmD" Rosenberg

Alot of people probably don't know that Peter Rosenberg(Lowbudget!) was my D.J. backntheday... This is a recording of me n' Pete practicing in his basement back in 2003 I think.(?) (Chevy Chase MD Wuddup!) Peter and myself go back further than that tho. We met back when he used to host a show up at University of Maryland(College Park MD Wuddup!) called "From Dusk Till Dawn"...this could be a longer story because I met alooooooot of folks that I still know to this day from goin up the that radio station on Friday evenings...

Anyway in this recording were practicin for a show in Toronto Canada. Pete's stage name used to be PMD (PETERfromMaryland). We did a good amount of shows come to think of it, along with members of the crew sumtimes. This is before "I Do What I Do" was even being recorded. The "Brown Album" must have recently came out since we did that acapella/beat match routine..."The Wood Joint" has never really officially been put out but I was still rockin it in my sets tho.(shout out to Ken Wood on the beat!) Since Ive been reachin back in the vault lately I figured I'd throw this out officially...Pete gettin busy on the the cuts all the way thru this joint...haha. Me rappity rappin. Doin Graps verse AND my verse on sum Black Thought ish..."tv tracks" with the adlibs in em...lunchin.

Rosenberg(PMD) with the fresh Kev Brown "T" at a show in Cali...reppin hawd!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Maaaaaaaaaaaaan... Where do I start with this 1? This is 1 of a couple projects i put 2gether a long time ago. Probably about a good 10-11 YEARS AGO. This was back when I wanted 2 be am EMCEE when I grew up(as you can hear from the rappity rap kragenoff. I considered myself an MC back then. The beats were kinda secondary. I would put these kind of projects together and go around to open mics to perform and try to sell a few cd's. Specifically THE REVOLUTIONARY CAFE!!!!!!!(brrrrrrrrap!!!!) Central Avenue, Capitol Heights MD Wuddup!!!!! PG County!!!! Shout out to my Manz Bruce Odams for throwin those open mics back then. I remember right after the open mic cleared out they would have the exotic dancers KRAGENOFF! (hood ish.)

I met alot of artists that would eventually become the LOWBUDGET CREW at that open mic. (theres a skit with me talkin to Cy Young briefly...) I actually went up to the open mic with my mini disk recorder 1 nite ...thats where those live pieces in between a few songs come from. Its a couple cats in my own crew that have never heard these joints. I kinda cringe when I hear sum of my old stuff. I sound young as a mug on a few of these...haha. This was when I had an Akai S20 sampler, a Yamaha 4track digital recorder, a hand held mic I had bought from BEST BUY, a lil rack mount effects processor, a philips cd burner, a gemini(belt drive) turntable and sum house speakers. (once I got sum type of "real" recording equipment it was a wrap!!) You cant understand how HYPE I was once I got this equipment!!!!(shout out to MUSICIANS FRIEND CATALOG!) Big ups to EARLY REED too!!

Its crazy to hear how I was structuring songs and stringing them together in the form of an actual album. I was on it back then sun!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KEV BROWN COMMENTARY *** VOLUMES 1 & 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

volume 1 from 2005.....................volume 2 from 2007

*Kev Brown plays some of your favorites straight out of the akai MPC2000xl(nerd rap) and gives a little "behind the scenes" story of how the classic songs that you've loved over the years came to be!*


...even more...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

THE BROWN ALBUM IS BACK! ...bandcamp kragenoff

Alot of folks have been asking where can they find this project at...This joint came out in 2003 so im thinking alot of my newer fans may not know about it. I decided to put it on the bandcamp website. Never used bandcamp really(Oddisee uses it alot) so this is my 1st go at it.


Songs featuring, written and/or produced by Oddisee in the year 2010

Kev Brown Merchandise...

Browse other personalized gifts from Zazzle.