Wednesday, November 11, 2009

shows coming up...

Thursday Nov.12

LMNO album release party
Performing Live:

Kev Brown



@ The Rhythm Lounge
245 Pine ave
Longbeach CA 90802

10$ b4 10:00 12$ after 21+up


Friday Nov.20th

Kev Brown and DJ M Squared Live

@ The AKA Lounge
68 E. Pine Street
Orlando FL 32801

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ringtones Kragenoff!

Everybody check out MYXER.COM to access my profile from your web or mobile phone.

Text KEVBROWN to 69937 to get a link to my profile...

..."Random Joints" Ringtones...

More from Kev Brown at Myxer

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nomore 200$ Anything...

This was a response I gave some1 about me "changing up" (for the better in my opinion) my price range for what I do...

Things have changed since the last time You contacted me. Definitely
no disrespect. Im not doing the 200 dollar "sale" anymore. We both
know that my talent is worth way more than that. I try to work within
peoples budgets but they always try to get the lowest price for what
they want. I know that my name sells copys or at least turns heads
for people to check it out. I feel like that alone is worth more than
200$. Don't get me wrong. I love making music. But one of the main
points in life is to find what your good at and make a living off of
it. If you would have told me about how much you make and your
situation from the beginning maybe we could have worked something out.
As an artist Im looking at you like a record label approaching an
artist because your asking me for my musical talent in such a manner.
My starting price is *this* now because of two things...
The quality
and time that I put into this art.

and 2:
the fact that you have to
start your price high when you deal with labels...because usually the
label is the 1st one to throw out a super low price.

Kev Brown Merchandise...

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