Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Were things meant 2 b this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay..."

Check this joint out... I was goin thru a spindle of cd's n came across this joint among some other stuff. This is from the atoj days. I did the drum programing and the simple fender rhodes(dit dit dit dit dit...). This is a rare occasion where I actually wrote the lyrics also. I asked Pnut to come across the hall n play on it. He did the bass, strings and the other fender part. He ran the fender and bass through an old foot pedal he had to give it that wah-wah sound. The artist singin on here is V...


...Dope vocalist/writer.(He probably wrote some of ur favorite songs...u just dont know it.) I think he's still on tour with Jill Scott singin background. I remember feelin a real sense of accomplishment after finishin this joint... I also remember that competitive spirit between all the producers at the studio. It felt weird sometimes cuz me n Ken Wood were the "hip-hop dudes" and everybody else was "real musicians". Anyway, enuff reminiscin...

..Another classic joint...

"The Way They Are"

"We say were gonna change but do we ever really mean it?/
Ive hardly ever seen it/
Were things meant to be
...the way they are-L
...the way they are-O
...the way they are-V
...the way they are-E"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kev Brown Merchandise...

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