Tuesday, January 8, 2008

stonesthrow...my bad...

Greetings & Happy New Year to you Kev. It's rather unfortunate to go on our message board this morning to find comments from our Fans talking trash about us not paying you for a beat per your blog post.

Please note this Wildchild album (Jack of All Trades) you are referring to and did a beat for has nothing to do with Stones Throw. Fat Beats is the label and distributor that released this as Wildchild hasn't been on the
roster in years. In the future, please make sure you have the facts straight before posting sensitive information like this which can have a serious backlash amongst our fans. We strive ourselves on our relationship with our artists which is why folks like Dilla & Madlib were so inclined to work with us. We are probably one of the only labels in the industry that does more for our artists and goes above & beyond the call of duty, esp. w/ our deals which are a straight 50/50 profit split which is unheard of in the record
industry. So it's quite disheartening to see posts like this and have our fans react accordingly. I welcome your feedback.



Anonymous said...

whatevers whatever...frustration and not gettin paid...when a niggas ribs is touching hows he gonna sit there and research before he vents his frustration...you aint in the wrong kev....it is what it is...kev browns that dude!

Majik said...

this the same stones throw that was coming at me for making a Dilla petition to release the MCA album, which they had no hand in, but are now going to benefit from? yeah, right. real pros. the email they sent me wasn't even half as nice as urs. way to show some gratitude. Dilla damn near put them on the map too. NOT the other way round. www.myspace.com/worldofmajik if u wanna dispute this shit. i still got them emails.

Anonymous said...

everyone makes mistakes, thanks to stones throw for keepin it real, thanks to kev, youre the shit, and thanks to wildchild for bein himself. thanks to underground hip hop for stayin alive and stayin united!

thefunkadelicrelic said...

Kev I know your stomach was probably growlin' when you made that post and you pour your heart and soul into every beat u put out. The fans will decide. Just keep reaching out 2 the fans and you have fans Fam...worldwide. I been checkin' 4 u 4 5 years now since I first heard that DJ Jazzy Jeff joint. Hang in there and do what u gotta do.

myth said...

all the way from South Africa...representing Handle Ur Bizness Productions....we LOVE your beats man. straight up. keep the fire burning

Lily Kane said...

So **Fat Beats** is doing shady business????? hmmmmm

Mhlengi said...

Another South African here. I really fell in love with your work when you did that track for Baby Blak (track 7)... The Jazzy Jeff stuff was good but there was a chemistry btwn you and Baby Blak that you obvioulsy have not exploited.

I bought I Do What I Do and at first listen, I was not too sure, but the more I listened to it, the more I felt that you were actually as dope an MC as you are a producer.

The work you did with Kenn Starr was just dope! I have no words to explain this but i thought it was your best until I bought Selective Hearing.

Regarding the "money" issues I doubt that you will ever get paid as much as you think you should because honestly your work is not for the average fool on the street, my only advice is for you to hook up with a well known and well respected niche MC like Rakim and just bang out a full album. Please nothing less than 13tracks and pls STOP wasting funky basslines on 7second joints behind the main songs, its just not fair on us!

I wish you all the best and may you never be filthy rich but always have enough to never want financially!

Ngiyabonga (thats thanks in Zulu)

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