Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the london show!

its goin down...

11/01/2007 09:30 PM
Favela Chic
91-93 great Eastern st. (old st. tube), London, U.K., London and South East EC2A 3Hz

Friday, October 5, 2007

euro trip day 1...

sup yall? tryin 2 document as much as i can of this trip. the catch is i dont really know how 2 get these videos on here properly so just stay tuned. heres a few pics...from yesterday(paris)...the 1st show is spain. 10 hour drive from paris. we got here about 2 hours ago...its friday. the club doesnt close till 6 in the morn. its 2:30 am as im typin this. we mite go out...not sure.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

once again

blud bro:

" i read somewhere that Kev Brown was a asshole and bitter cause of industry ****...readin' HIS blog responses to his FEW fans seems that those speculations are true..."

Aight... i gotta wash clothes n get ready 4 this euro trip but 4 sum reason i couldnt resist respondin to this... Where do i begin?... I think this is one of those cases where the fans have "the customer is always right" mentality...Like we as the artist are supposed 2 b gracious and smiley and kind and happy go lucky, answering all questions(even tho they get asked a zilliion times over and over.(what equipment do u use?? How u do ya bass lines??),on myspace actually listening to sumbodys music when they ask to "check out my page bro"! Yeah...ok. I realize the internet has definitely brought the world closer but theres still an amount of respect that should be given and received. I think my FEW REAL fans can understand that because they have a certain level of sanity and respect and can leave certain comments and messages without sounding like an a** h0** them selves. But i realize that alot of fans are really the true sense of the word...FANATIC and sumtimes get out of hand...and sum/most people are just plain crazy so u cant really tell them nuffin. (c) yeezy. Sumtimes i can be a little "sharp" or sarcastic or whatever u wanna call it with fans because thats the energy they throw at me. So guess what? Thats the energy they get back. I appreciate everybody that checks out my music as well as the whole lowbudget but the customer/fan is Not always rite...that being said the artist isn't always rite either. So be it. Now... I pretty much picture myself as a "regular dude"(whatever that is)...most people that know me in real life think im an "ok guy" ...but sumtimes u gotta have a Sam Jackson on these man-fans when they get out of pocket. Straight up.

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