Saturday, September 29, 2007


kaimbr/oddisee/kev brown

Confirmed Dates (updated)

Thu.Oct.4- Paris, France

Fri.Oct.5- studio work in Spain

Sat.Oct.6- Zaragoza, Spain

Sun.Oct.7-Wen.Oct.10- studio work in berlin

Thu.Oct.11- Mainz, Germany

Fri.Oct.12- Heidelberg, Germany

Sat.Oct.13- Naunhof, Germany

Sun.Oct.14- Plauen, Germany

Mon.Oct.15-Thur.Oct.18th- acting a fool in Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Fri.Oct.19- Groningen, Holland

Sat.Oct.20- Venice, Italy

Sun.Oct.21- studio work in Vienna

Mon.Oct.22- studio work, photo shoot

Tue.Oct.23- Vienna, Austria

Wen.Oct.24- driving to Paris

Thu.Oct.25- Paris, France

Fri.Oct.26- Antwerp, Belgium

Sat.Oct.27- PALMI (Reggio Calabria) Italy

Sun.Oct.28- studio work(Reggio Calabria) Italy

Mon.Oct.29- hanging out in London (Reggio Calabria) Italy

Tue.Oct.30- studio work in London

Wen.Oct.31- interview, radio in London

Thu.Nov.1- in-store in London

Fri.Nov.2- London, U.K.

Sat/Nov.3- Corke, Ireland

Sun.Nov.4- Chillen in Dublin

Mon.Nov.5- Flying back home


Anonymous said...

No london kev?? Im kinda upset, screw jazz cafe!


Dipnotiq said...

For real, we need a London date. Been supporting since "The Magnificent".

Kev Brown/Oddisee are the best producers out right now. The whole Low Budget shit is crazy.


Dipnotiq said...

I just read the thing about the Jazz Cafe.

That's seriously fucked up if it's true but the fact of the matter is, for their ability to attract dope hip-hop artists, you can't get a better venue in the city.

There are a few little clubs or whatever but the Jazz Cafe has always been the spot.

If you DO manage to get a date in London, PLEASE put it up on your blog. Kev Brown/Oddisee and even though he's not listed, Kenn Starr, would be the dopest lineup at a show.

Stephen said...

Ok Kev you know on the 4th and the 25th i've got my rhymes ready lemme tell you ive come a long way since i ethered bahamadia on stage hahaha look forward to seeing you again peace

Elliot said...

no UK dates at all??
surely someone in this country can get it going...

Juan Martin said...

Will u be at Madrid??

Trompie said...

Yo man....again thanx for tha PM...won't regret...instead...Im now hustling in France,paris...PM me...I wanna meet and get advise on yo hustle!


Dipnotiq said...

Can we get more info on the instore in London and the show in London on the 1st and 2nd of November respectively?

flyin' feux said...

with whome do u record at vienna?

Mike said...

Please tell me where to get tickets for the Holland shows. At what place are they given, I gotta have those tickets!!! Great stuff, you coming to the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

you gonna work in vienna!? who you workin with? sounds nice...

big from vienna,


Anonymous said...

yeah...i wanna know too where in vienna you are going to play. and who you going to record with?

btw manuva i like your work alot...
keep doin some stuff with deph joe ;)


Anonymous said...

To anybody who wants to know about the vienna shows:
you will find the infos here:



Anonymous said...

more info on the london dates please Kev!! Where will you be??

Please let us know...

GiT said...

where in london kev..? which store..? need to get me name on the list pronto...

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