Saturday, September 29, 2007


kaimbr/oddisee/kev brown

Confirmed Dates (updated)

Thu.Oct.4- Paris, France

Fri.Oct.5- studio work in Spain

Sat.Oct.6- Zaragoza, Spain

Sun.Oct.7-Wen.Oct.10- studio work in berlin

Thu.Oct.11- Mainz, Germany

Fri.Oct.12- Heidelberg, Germany

Sat.Oct.13- Naunhof, Germany

Sun.Oct.14- Plauen, Germany

Mon.Oct.15-Thur.Oct.18th- acting a fool in Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Fri.Oct.19- Groningen, Holland

Sat.Oct.20- Venice, Italy

Sun.Oct.21- studio work in Vienna

Mon.Oct.22- studio work, photo shoot

Tue.Oct.23- Vienna, Austria

Wen.Oct.24- driving to Paris

Thu.Oct.25- Paris, France

Fri.Oct.26- Antwerp, Belgium

Sat.Oct.27- PALMI (Reggio Calabria) Italy

Sun.Oct.28- studio work(Reggio Calabria) Italy

Mon.Oct.29- hanging out in London (Reggio Calabria) Italy

Tue.Oct.30- studio work in London

Wen.Oct.31- interview, radio in London

Thu.Nov.1- in-store in London

Fri.Nov.2- London, U.K.

Sat/Nov.3- Corke, Ireland

Sun.Nov.4- Chillen in Dublin

Mon.Nov.5- Flying back home

Friday, September 28, 2007


official FREE download... click the link on the left that says ODDISEE or go to

Monday, September 24, 2007

lemon drops n' clover...

...Joint prod by pnut,my self and anthony bell. I did the drums and guitar samples, pnut did the bass, celo and keys...Ant did the tech/recording stuff.(this is from the atoj days) I mite get in trouble 4 postin this up but what the heck?...U know whos singin? This joint didnt make the album and never officially came out. A version of this track came out on the "hip hop violin" chicks album a few years ago... i never got paid and they spelled my name wrong on the credits...whatever.

this thursday...

Friday, September 21, 2007

advice from a myspace "friend"

*** courtesy of ya boy ***


Bring back the "Kev Brown mixtape".

Put the lights on your face. And Shine.

Sell beats to famous cats.

Bring Kaimbr's LP.

Don't use that formula everybody tried to imitate eversince you showed it in that video with the SP505 and the 2000XL. You almost originated that sound.

So you can have more than that. ex: "The Kev Brown mixtape".

This 24 tracks mixer is nice. But even Odisee himself told me to buy Pro Tools.

Now you probably hate me: put more spice in your texts. Girls, dreams, politics.

You got so much potential.

Kev Brown can hurt a lot more than he did.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

the ny show...

in my opinion was kinda wack...felt like the crowd wasnt feelin us. I didnt get 2 meet preemo. Sum type of "scuffle" jumped off between saigon and mobb deeps camp so the show ended around midnight. (sigh) A 4 hour drive 4 this?? Wow. Atleast we had fun hangin out at a bar close 2 the expensive azz hotel we were kickin in 2 stay at. By the way...white castle is sum of the nastiest burgers i have ever tasted in my life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

home 4 now...

Sup yall? just got home 2day from the aus trip...since im not the most hi-tech dude u can catch more details on oddisee's site...

Kev Brown Merchandise...

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