Sunday, June 3, 2007


Thanks 2 everybody that came out 2 the columbia md show. It was a unique experience...didnt expect it 2 b as good as it was. Shout out 2 Bill n Scott and King Ranks. Thanks 2 everybody that bought a cd too.



Anonymous said...

Yo Kev The Production Commentary Was Dope Man Luv How U Broke Down Sum Of The Classics! Can't Wait 4 part 2. Here's Sum of the tracks I would like 2 know about

1.Say Sumthin'(from I Do What I Do)
2.Albany (from I Do What I Do)
3.Get Down (Biz Markie)
4.Games (Biz Markie)
5.Dirt Off Your Shoulder (From the brown album)
6.How I Do (From the magnificent)
7.Lemon Drops N' Clover (from Jewel)
Thanks One

BillyBeans said...

Whats good Kev Brown, some of your links are down. any chance on re-ups?

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