Thursday, May 24, 2007

my discography so far...



Album cover Album information
I Do What I Do
I Do What I Do Instrumentals
  • Released: March 3, 2006
  • Singles: N/A
  • Notes: Instrumental album.

Exclusive Joints

* Released: March, 2007

Random Joints
  • Released: TBA
  • Singles: "The Versatility Joint"
  • Notes: EP.


Album cover Album information
The Brown Album
The Kev Brown Mixtape
  • Released: September 28, 2004
  • Singles: N/A
  • Notes: Compilation of production work for various artists.


  • 2003: "Nitefall"
  • 2003: "Allways"
  • 2004: "Kev Brown Presents..."
  • 2005: "Work in Progress"
  • 2005: "Life's a Gamble"
  • 2007: "The Versatility Joint"

Selected production credits

  • 2001: "What Ruling Means" - Marley Marl, from the album Re-Entry
  • 2001: "Special" - De La Soul, from the album AOI: Bionix
  • 2002: "Branded", "Da Rebirth" - DJ Jazzy Jeff, from the EP The Magnificent EP
  • 2002: "How I Do", "Know Ur Hood", "Rock Wit You", "Scram", "Shake It Off", "Travelz", "We Are" - DJ Jazzy Jeff, from the album The Magnificent
  • 2003: "Catch 22" - Raheem De Vaughn, from the album The Love Experience
  • 2003: "Wallflower" - Critically Acclaimed, from the compilation Hidden Hits Vol. 1
  • 2003: "Young World" - Cy Young, from the compilation Hidden Hits Vol. 1
  • 2003: "Who Programmed Us Anyway?" (Remix) - Grand Agent, from the album Fish Outta Water Remixes
  • 2003: "Get Down", "Games" - Biz Markie, from the album Weekend Warrior
  • 2004: "The Ultimate" (Remix) - Lone Catalysts
  • 2004: "Walk The Walk" - Kenn Starr, from the Halftooth Records compilation You Don’t Know the Half
  • 2004: "Another Private Conversation" - Critically Acclaimed
  • 2004: "Doubting Destiny", "Exposed" - Wayna, from the album Moments Of Clarity: Book 1
  • 2006: "Good Rap Music", "Reign" - Bahamadia, from the album Good Rap Music
  • 2006: "1%" - The Visionaries, from the album We Are The Ones (We've Been Waiting For)
  • 2006: "Relentless", "Never Too Late", "Another Day" - Kenn Starr, from the album Starr Status
  • 2007: "Pen Just Cries Away" - Eric Roberson, from the album ...Left

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Anonymous said...

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Masir said...

Yo Kev Brown whadup? Big up from switzerland for your music. can't wait to have a concert of yours here in switzerland lol. I wanted to say you forgot to put the featuring with Prince Ali. Bye the way u can do an article on his free CD he made lol.

peaceeeee up and much respecte

see ya

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