Monday, December 3, 2007

sleigh bells n' all that in the background...

"christmas wish"

This is another joint from the a.t.o.j. days... We recorded this for the movie "friday after next" hoping 2 get it placed on the soundtrack.(the christmas "friday" movie with money mike. Craig n day day are "top flight" security at the begining) Well... pretty needless to say, it didnt get picked. I think its a dope song tho. It kinda sounds like a classic soul christmas song. Not cheesy like a lot of contemporary holiday songs. Tanzania and I wrote and recorded this joint 2gether one weekend years ago...02?, 03? ...cant really remember.


Sunday, December 2, 2007


i dont know why they chose my joint 4 this, but i aint mad...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

low budget/rawkus

yeah yall... low budget rawkus releases comin soon.




Tuesday, November 6, 2007


sup yall? just got home yesterday from a month on the road... u should be seein the footage and pix pop up from time to time soon over the net. I took mad video of the behind the scenes and stuff like that. the plan is to give all that stuff to roddy so he can edit it. For now its very good to be home. Thanks to all the promoters and artist that we met and worked with. Its too many for me to really remember and name. Before anyone starts askin me... paris and italy were the livest/most appreciative audiences and in holland i may have smoked sum trees.(it is legal all thru out holland) Shout out to oddisee and kaimbr... anuva classic joint.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the london show!

its goin down...

11/01/2007 09:30 PM
Favela Chic
91-93 great Eastern st. (old st. tube), London, U.K., London and South East EC2A 3Hz

Friday, October 5, 2007

euro trip day 1...

sup yall? tryin 2 document as much as i can of this trip. the catch is i dont really know how 2 get these videos on here properly so just stay tuned. heres a few pics...from yesterday(paris)...the 1st show is spain. 10 hour drive from paris. we got here about 2 hours ago...its friday. the club doesnt close till 6 in the morn. its 2:30 am as im typin this. we mite go out...not sure.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

once again

blud bro:

" i read somewhere that Kev Brown was a asshole and bitter cause of industry ****...readin' HIS blog responses to his FEW fans seems that those speculations are true..."

Aight... i gotta wash clothes n get ready 4 this euro trip but 4 sum reason i couldnt resist respondin to this... Where do i begin?... I think this is one of those cases where the fans have "the customer is always right" mentality...Like we as the artist are supposed 2 b gracious and smiley and kind and happy go lucky, answering all questions(even tho they get asked a zilliion times over and over.(what equipment do u use?? How u do ya bass lines??),on myspace actually listening to sumbodys music when they ask to "check out my page bro"! Yeah...ok. I realize the internet has definitely brought the world closer but theres still an amount of respect that should be given and received. I think my FEW REAL fans can understand that because they have a certain level of sanity and respect and can leave certain comments and messages without sounding like an a** h0** them selves. But i realize that alot of fans are really the true sense of the word...FANATIC and sumtimes get out of hand...and sum/most people are just plain crazy so u cant really tell them nuffin. (c) yeezy. Sumtimes i can be a little "sharp" or sarcastic or whatever u wanna call it with fans because thats the energy they throw at me. So guess what? Thats the energy they get back. I appreciate everybody that checks out my music as well as the whole lowbudget but the customer/fan is Not always rite...that being said the artist isn't always rite either. So be it. Now... I pretty much picture myself as a "regular dude"(whatever that is)...most people that know me in real life think im an "ok guy" ...but sumtimes u gotta have a Sam Jackson on these man-fans when they get out of pocket. Straight up.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


kaimbr/oddisee/kev brown

Confirmed Dates (updated)

Thu.Oct.4- Paris, France

Fri.Oct.5- studio work in Spain

Sat.Oct.6- Zaragoza, Spain

Sun.Oct.7-Wen.Oct.10- studio work in berlin

Thu.Oct.11- Mainz, Germany

Fri.Oct.12- Heidelberg, Germany

Sat.Oct.13- Naunhof, Germany

Sun.Oct.14- Plauen, Germany

Mon.Oct.15-Thur.Oct.18th- acting a fool in Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Fri.Oct.19- Groningen, Holland

Sat.Oct.20- Venice, Italy

Sun.Oct.21- studio work in Vienna

Mon.Oct.22- studio work, photo shoot

Tue.Oct.23- Vienna, Austria

Wen.Oct.24- driving to Paris

Thu.Oct.25- Paris, France

Fri.Oct.26- Antwerp, Belgium

Sat.Oct.27- PALMI (Reggio Calabria) Italy

Sun.Oct.28- studio work(Reggio Calabria) Italy

Mon.Oct.29- hanging out in London (Reggio Calabria) Italy

Tue.Oct.30- studio work in London

Wen.Oct.31- interview, radio in London

Thu.Nov.1- in-store in London

Fri.Nov.2- London, U.K.

Sat/Nov.3- Corke, Ireland

Sun.Nov.4- Chillen in Dublin

Mon.Nov.5- Flying back home

Friday, September 28, 2007


official FREE download... click the link on the left that says ODDISEE or go to

Monday, September 24, 2007

lemon drops n' clover...

...Joint prod by pnut,my self and anthony bell. I did the drums and guitar samples, pnut did the bass, celo and keys...Ant did the tech/recording stuff.(this is from the atoj days) I mite get in trouble 4 postin this up but what the heck?...U know whos singin? This joint didnt make the album and never officially came out. A version of this track came out on the "hip hop violin" chicks album a few years ago... i never got paid and they spelled my name wrong on the credits...whatever.

this thursday...

Friday, September 21, 2007

advice from a myspace "friend"

*** courtesy of ya boy ***


Bring back the "Kev Brown mixtape".

Put the lights on your face. And Shine.

Sell beats to famous cats.

Bring Kaimbr's LP.

Don't use that formula everybody tried to imitate eversince you showed it in that video with the SP505 and the 2000XL. You almost originated that sound.

So you can have more than that. ex: "The Kev Brown mixtape".

This 24 tracks mixer is nice. But even Odisee himself told me to buy Pro Tools.

Now you probably hate me: put more spice in your texts. Girls, dreams, politics.

You got so much potential.

Kev Brown can hurt a lot more than he did.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

the ny show...

in my opinion was kinda wack...felt like the crowd wasnt feelin us. I didnt get 2 meet preemo. Sum type of "scuffle" jumped off between saigon and mobb deeps camp so the show ended around midnight. (sigh) A 4 hour drive 4 this?? Wow. Atleast we had fun hangin out at a bar close 2 the expensive azz hotel we were kickin in 2 stay at. By the way...white castle is sum of the nastiest burgers i have ever tasted in my life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

home 4 now...

Sup yall? just got home 2day from the aus trip...since im not the most hi-tech dude u can catch more details on oddisee's site...

Friday, August 24, 2007


I been flakin out on alot of people askin me 4 drops for their radio shows,mix tapes etc...for one im not big on doin em and two... uh...Im just not big on doin em. But Im tryin 2 break out of it. So heres an email for people thats askin 4 drops/shout outs, whatever....


Im not takin beat requests from this email.

btw...check this out.


Monday, August 20, 2007

random joint video...

yeah... check it out. directed and edited by roddy rod.

Kev Brown - The Random Joint

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random joints comin soon...when exactly? i dont know. just "hold tight"(slum village).


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"too hip hop" to perform at the jazz cafe.(london)

So yeah...this is what i was told about us gettin a gig at the jazz cafe in london. Oddisee, correct me if Im wrong on this 1..."The Low budget crew is too hip hop to perform at the jazz cafe". Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Im not even quite sure what that means. Should we take that as an insult or a compliment. Hmmm. To all the london fans that have been hittin us up to do the jazz cafe, thats the response we got after a good couple weeks... I guess LITTLE BROTHER, PETE ROCK AND CL SMOOTH etc... are just hip hop enuff for the j.c...kev brown, oddisee and kenn starr would push the hip hop meter a little too high for a venue like that. I really dont understand. If there are any other venues in london that would like to host us hit us up on the myspace joint. Other than that, its out of our hands london fans.

p.s. If this is really true...F%!k the jazz cafe!!


Monday, August 13, 2007

"wack dudes"...

I did this joint back in 98/99...haha.
Back then I had my yamaha 4 track, a best buy hand held mic and i was doin beats on the akai s20. This joint is a part of a whole project i did back then when i had my little "stint" on the open mic circuit. Kinda crazy when I think about it now...I started recordin this stuff b4 the crew(low budget) was even startin to form. I came up with that name for my "productions" bcuz my stuff was really, really low budget. 1 of my boys I was workin with at the time said I should keep usin that name so it just kinda stuck. I wish I still had that s20...(I sold it 2 sum dudes around the corner when I copped the mpc.) I still have all of the s20 floppy disks with beats on em in the closet... peep the young brown rhyme skills sun!(toast wit cha cup held high, Hawaiian punch!) haha...

"wack dudes"

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007


click the pic to purchase...

Alot of people been hittin me up about this joint. Well, here it is 4 those that didnt get it the 1st time around.

Monday, July 23, 2007


still lookin 2 add on shows. amsterdam?? spain?? denmark?? where yall at?!

...europe shows...
this is what we have so far:

October 5th- Zurich
October 6th- Bern
October 8th- Paris
Italy- ?
Holland- ?

Where trying to add more shows to this line up. Any promoters interested contact:

Saturday, July 21, 2007


roddy n the bat cave...

i had a dream last nite i got a check for 13,000$...not sure where the check came from. i hope that dream comes true...actually i had that dream 2day. i didnt go 2 bed till 7 sumthin this mornin. after a session with wayna over roddys spot. 2real. i "played" bass over 1 of her joints. wow. came out pretty nice...i finished the mixes for kaimbr's album, almost finished with cy young's joint. rawkus better hold it down...


Saturday, July 14, 2007

last nite was craaaaaaaaazy.

wow. i aint wake up till 3 sumthin 2day...if u missed the dilla joint last nite ur a loser. that joint was tite. big ups 2 jon laine. heres a few pics from last nite...
grap luva hostin the joint

jon laine- music director,mastermind,drummer...

Aaron Gause on the keys...

BROCK on the guitar and samples...

Dennis Turner on the bass

Nila Kay rockin out on guitar...

Emoni Fela rockin the mic...

e-major?? c'mon homey, e-major...rockin

dwelle holdin it down...

dub ell facin the crowd...

kaimbr! alison in the background..

roddy rod and muhsinah performin "f#@k the police" woooooooooooow. im surprised a fight aint break out on that 1!

its was mad other folks that performed. im not a pro photographer or nuffin so between goin to the bar, performin and walkin thru the crowd i took these. im sure sumbody has more(better) pix. thats pretty much the best i could do with my 3.2 mega pixels.((lowbudget!!))

nila kay "runnin"

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james yancey rest in peace.

Thursday, July 12, 2007



...this friday my peoplez jon laine- -is doin it again. The 2nd annual j dilla memorial concert is goin down at bohemian cavern/liv this july 13th at 8pm hit up jons page 4 more details. If u were there last year u already know the deal.

I wish I woulda took more pix n stuff from the rehearsals....mad folks performin. Grap Luva,Wayna,W. Ellington Felton, Kenn Starr,Muhsinah...Imma do a lil sumthin, its really too many people 2 name cuz i dont even know all the artist doin sumthin.

jon laine and company workin out the "dime Piece" joint from the shining LP

dilla tribute rehearsal -2

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more... peep Grap doin the "sign language"...
dilla tribute rehearsal -1

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I feel like this is gonna be a classic event.

Monday, July 9, 2007

beats 4 sale/europe shows

its that time again...

serious artist only.

hit me up .

...europe shows...

Me, Oddisee and Kenn Starr are gonna be doin sum europe dates in the fall. this is what we have so far:

October 5th- Zurich
October 6th- Bern
October 8th- Paris
Italy- ?
Holland- ?

Where trying to add more shows to this line up. Any promoters interested contact:

Kev Brown Merchandise...

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